FlexxMount™ is an inexpensive flexible device that attaches to a monopod and
either a video or still camera. 

FlexxMount™ frees you, the camera operator,  from the fatigue that comes with
hand-holding the camera for long periods of time.  You'll be able to move right or
left, while keeping your subjects correctly composed, and still maintain a level frame.
You'll be able to use a monopod to support the weight of the camera and your
arms won't get tired.


FlexxMount™ uses a a standard camera mounting screw to fix the camera to most
commercially available monopods and locking plates.  It's flexible core body can
easily bend in a direction opposite to the lean of the monopod.  This allows horizon
placement to be kept consistent regardless of the tilt or lateral  position of the camera.

The makers of FlexxMount™ recognized several problems with operating some of
today's video and still camera's, especially those with side mounted view screens. 
the camera operator is often forced to hold the camera out in front of the body. 
Holding this position is extremely tiring on the arms.  This can cause shaking of the
camera and the image produced.  Prior to FlexxMount™, the camera operator would have liked to use a monopod to support the weight of the camera, but was faced
with two drawbacks:

1.  The camera couldn't be held level when actors or subjects move slightly. 
2.  The image would get jarred when the monopod needed to be moved to
re-frame the subjects.

  this is clearly evident when shooting an over the shoulder shot of two actors.  Without using a Flexxmount™,  when an actor moves slightly laterally he or she blocks the other actor being captured, or conversely, the distance between the two actors grows too large.  Nothing can be done that does not result in either a crooked frame or a repositioning of the camera that results in a momentary jostle of the image.  This can occur multiple times during a take and can render it unusable.  Flexxmount™ eliminates this problem.

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